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    “ASPEX provided for me the opportunity to identify my sexual blind spots and gave me the skills to navigate these uncomfortable feelings.”

    Michele Lyons, California USA

    “If you work in any field of Human Sexuality this is something you NEED to experience. ASPEX is chicken soup for your sexual soul!!!”

    Ran Mellon,Luxembourg

    “Something this deep, this extreme, this explorative, collaborative, all-encompassing, expanding, and healing is a must for anyone who has a desire to guide others on their journey of healing any part of themselves: mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually, energetically. This is about SO much more than sex!”

    Nicole Parry,Utah, USA

    “ASPEX is the most powerful, well put-together event I’ve ever been to. I help organize retreats/workshops and I felt so safe, so nurtured and so grateful.”

    Dominique Peters,Hawaii, USA

    “If you sometimes feel your work and your mission to bring positive sexuality and healing to the world is a lonely one, come to ASPEX and you will realize that there is a huge powerful tribe there to support you!”

    Anka Grzywacz,Switzerland